A Visual Odyssey Exploring the Sights
and Sounds of New Zealand
Copyright 2009 © All rights reserved Kelvin Hughes Productions.
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The Northland

Explore the extreme Northland region as we travel up the west coast to visit Cape Reainga and 60 mile beach before heading across and down the East coast via the Bay of Islands




Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula

Often mistaken for the Capitol of New Zealand Auckland is certainly it cultural center. Come along for the ride as we leap off the Sky Tower, head out to visit Kawau island and explore the stunning beaches along the tropical Coromandel Peninsula.

Rotorua and Surrounds

Land of the Long White Smoke... If ever an area typifies the moniker given to New Zealand it is here in Rotorua that you will find the heart of the Maori culture and the reason behind that name. Join us as we fly over lake Rotorua and visit the major geothermal parks of the area.




Wellington and the Whanganui river

The capitol of New Zealand Wellington lies at the southern end of the North Island. Just 4 hours drive north is the town of Wanganui and the base from which to embark on any exploration of the Whanganui river.

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